We Exist to Power YOU

We are working to accelerate India’s transition to clean energy by building sustainable solar, wind and hybrid projects that will power utilities and open access customers.


O2 Power aims to scale up to a sizeable portfolio capacity with good quality off-takers including greenfield projects and selective M&A. In less than two years, we have built a pipeline of ~2.0+ GW of renewable energy assets that is diversified across off-takers, spreads across three major states of India serving both commercial and industrial customers.

On a strong growth trajectory with a solid foundation, O2 Power has thereby secured its rightful place amongst energy industry peers as one of the fastest growing renewable energy organizations in the country.

O2 Power envisions to playing a strong role in enabling India’s pledge to decarbonize. We are building an industry leading organization that will bring cutting-edge renewable energy solutions to the market, making it sustainable and environment friendly.


We aspire to be amongst the finest renewable energy organisations in India, contributing significantly to the country’s energy goals of self-reliance and sustainable development.


O2 Power is deeply committed to building an industry leading platform in India that will create value for the country in the renewable energy sector, thereby securing for it a green and clean future. We are driven by the mission to:

  • Improving the living standards of local communities, providing them with employment opportunities, and upskilling them for gainful occupation
  • Offering our employees with the best-in-class work culture and work environment
  • Delivering real value to our stakeholders

In the conduct of our day-to-day operations, we constantly strive to uphold the highest standards of ethics, quality, corporate governance, employee health and safety, and social responsibility.

Our values guide our all our actions and reflect who we are and what we believe in. These values are an integral part of O2 Power’s broader ethos.

Core Values

Emphatic Entrepreneurship

Be action-oriented; drive growth, innovation and change with empathy

Transparent and Ethical

Be open and honest with both internal as well as external stakeholders; keep ethics and integrity

High Performance

Stay committed to superseding performance and deliverables

Ownership and Accountability

Foster an environment of taking initiative and ownership, being accountable and driving best-in-class quality at all levels

Socially Responsible

Stay committed to improving the ecosystem in which we function