EQT is a differentiated global investment organization with a 25-year history of investing in, developing and owning companies, and has a demonstrated track-record of attractive, consistent investment performance across multiple geographies, sectors and strategies. EQT has been a thought-leader in the private markets industry. EQT has grown its geographical presence and successfully scaled strategies such as Infrastructure, Real Estate, Venture Capital and Credit.  EQT’s well-established platform, ability to generate consistent attractive returns and long-term relationships with fund investors, and its unique culture, values and brand, have enabled EQT to raise EUR 62 billion of commitments since inception. For more information about EQT, please visit www.eqtgroup.com


Temasek is a global investment company headquartered in Singapore with a net portfolio value of S$306 billion as at 31 March 2020.

Temasek is committed to generate sustainable returns beyond our present generation, and is guided by the principles of our Temasek Charter to be an active investor, a forward looking institution and a trusted steward

Temasek seeks sustainable solutions to address present and future challenges, as we capture investment and other opportunities that help to bring about a better, smarter and more sustainable world. Temasek has a long term investment horizon and invests off our own balance sheet with a owner-investor mindset

Their global portfolio spans a broad spectrum of industries: financial services; TMT, consumer & real estate; transportation & industrials; life sciences & agribusiness and energy & resources. Headquartered in Singapore, Temasek has 11 offices around the world: Beijing, Hanoi, Mumbai, Shanghai and Singapore in Asia; and London, New York, San Francisco, Washington DC, Mexico City, and Sao Paulo outside Asia

For more information about Temasek, please visit https://www.temasek.com.sg/

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