Addressing Increasing electricity demand and rising grid tariffs for commercial and industrial (C&I) are enforcing businesses to route new ways to generate their own power bank.


We help businesses in becoming independent and take control of their power needs by having a customized energy solution, O2 Power helps organisations in going solar. Commercial businesses are being paid with enormous benefits and decreasing organizational costs from day one. This ensures power saving clubbed with Government offered enticements with significant tax savings and other benefits.

Commercial and Industrial customers contributes almost half in India’s power needs. Grid tariffs and enabling organisations controlling their own power needs makes all economic sense to go green. Many large corporates have gone solar in last few years and deployed solar setup in their premises. Increased interest in obtaining a higher return from renewables, these corporates have reaped significant benefits in recent times.

As a result, sourcing of renewable energy through open access or through rooftop installations is an economically viable solution for C&I consumers.

Comprehensive Benefits of Renewable Energy to C&I Consumers

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