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With the damaging effects of climate change being felt acutely and at alarming frequency across the globe, it has become imperative for businesses, in particular, to transition to de-carbonised operating models and lead the way into a green economy. Electricity through 100% renewable sources is no longer a choice. It is a mandate towards responsible and accountable business practises.

Addressing this very need for climate action, O2 Power offers a suite of customized green energy solutions to enable Commercial and Industrial (C&I) businesses transition to decarbonised operating models, meet their ESG commitments and Renewable Purchase obligations.

Our promise, “Renewable energy at a sustainable price”, aims to help you make the green switch with EBITDA expansion.

Choose from our partial to 100%, round-the-clock renewable energy procurement models; innovative and flexible contracting structures such as Virtual PPA, IRECs and CFDs.

Reach out to us at for an overview of our C&I offerings and a best-fit assessment for your organisation to reach your sustainability goals.

Together, let us lead into a greener future.

Comprehensive Benefits of Renewable Energy to C&I Consumers

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