Firm Power

Making renewable power firm is to make it dispatchable i.e. available on demand. For a significant part of our power consumption to become renewable, the ability to make renewable power firm is a must. Several innovations are happening in this field and O2 Power is also geared up to provide cutting edge firm power solutions to utility and C&I customers.

Round The Clock

With the demand for Renewable RTC power picking up in the country, O2 Power has strong plans to participate in the perfect solar-wind-storage mix through next generation technologies and cost efficient models.


A broad range of storage technologies have been invented to ensure uninterrupted power supply. These technologies are now getting deployed and commercial proven at a utility scale level. With standalone storage capacity, the distribution utilities and grid operators have the ability to utilize this capacity for demand-supply matching and for smoothening grid fluctuations.

Peaking Power

Peaking power is a relatively recent and an emerging centerpiece of discussions in the renewable forums. The intermittent nature of renewable sources, unavailability of solar in evening hours; Peaking power can address these with load balancing to manage the variability of renewable sources of energy. A peaking power plant (or peaker) runs during peak hours of demand of electricity.


A solar-wind hybrid power system uses a combination of solar insolation and wind energy to produce electricity. By complementing the two resources, the overall power generation profile become less intermittent and more firm, making it easier to be integrated into the power grid.


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