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23 May 2022


O2 Power at the Green Hydrogen Global Assembly & Exhibition 2022

The Green Hydrogen Organisation (GH2), in partnership with the government of Spain, held the Green Hydrogen Global Assembly & Exhibition 2022 in Barcelona (Spain) on the 17th and 18th of May.

The conclave saw the coming together of global stakeholders including policy makers, non-government thinktanks, suppliers and consumers to discuss ways to accelerate the adoption of green hydrogen and ammonia by the energy sector. The Assembly launched the GH2 Green Hydrogen Standard that provides certainty and transparency to investors and other stakeholders that green hydrogen is exactly that -- hydrogen made with renewable electricity conforming to the highest standards of emissions, ESG and sustainable development goals.

O2 Power was represented by Peeyush Mohit, our Founder and Chief Operating Officer. Convinced of the goals and efficacy of such an assembly, Peeyush observed, “The world is looking at India’s role in enabling green hydrogen addition. This was clearly evident in the Assembly having dedicated sessions on India and China as power houses in the production and consumption of green hydrogen. India can become a green hydrogen export hub and the opportunity must be seized now. The GoI has started taking steps in the right direction, giving it the necessary momentum through follow-up measures, especially in market creation through compliance regulations”. Hopeful that the deliberations at the meet will be pursued in earnest in the days ahead, Peeyush is positive that the attendees will bring about a significant adoption of green hydrogen in their respective spheres.

Among others, Peeyush met with Lord Adair Turner, Chair of Energy Transitions Committee and Board Member of Green Hydrogen Organization who is actively working with stakeholders in multiple countries including India to enable and accelerate policy-making in this area.